Frequently asked questions


Is the PACT CO. original bag waterproof?

The bag has been created with both water resistant and water proof materials. The body of the bag is quick drying water resistant material for the classic black and two tone grey. 


Can you wash PACT CO. products? 

Every product comes with care labels and warning tags. If you require them before purchasing please email us at info@pactco.com.au 

Can you add your own toiletry bag? 
The front and back zip compartments are large enough to add your own toiletry bag inside if that is your preference. For example if you have a favourite toiletry bag to hold your shaving kit just add to either the front, back or middle zip compartment. If you have a favourite seperate make up kit or hair kit then can also be added to the compartment of your choice. All compartments are tall enough to hold stand up items up to 27cm or if preferred can lay products down 

Can 2 people or a family share 1 original bag?

The original bag can be adapted to suit individual or family needs depending on their own packing needs. In some cases people store 1-2+ peoples items in a suitcase and have the original bag to store toiletry toiletry items. It also helps when on the road to quickly have personal items readily available or for quick dressing in prior to moving onto another location.